Bell System Technical Journal, v51: i8 October 1972

Table of Contents
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1641-1657D2 Channel Bank: System AspectsHenning, H.H.; Pan, J.W.
1659-1673D2 Channel Bank: Per-Channel EquipmentMaddox, C.L.; Thovson, D.K.
1675-1699D2 Channel Bank: Multiplexing and CodingDammann, C.L.; McDaniel, L.D.; Maddox, C.L.
1701-1712D2 Channel Bank: Digital FunctionsCirillo, A.J.; Thovson, D.K.
1713-1724D2 Channel Bank: Power ConversionBloom, S.D.; Swanson, G.F.
1725-1742D2 Channel Bank: Physical Design and Introductory ProgramVanSlooten, D.J.; Gluckow, K.A.
1743-1765D2 Channel Bank: Manufacturing and TestingBatson, J.E.D. Jr.; Gorman, J.W.
1767-1783Optical Power Flow in Multimode FibersGloge, D.
1785-1791Pulse Propagation in a Two-Mode WaveguideMarcuse, D.
1793-1800Fluctuations of the Power of Coupled ModesMarcuse, D.
1801-1817Higher-Order Scattering Losses in Dielectric WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
1819-1836Higher-Order Loss Processes and the Loss Penalty of Multimode OperationMarcuse, D.
1837-1848A Linear Phase Modulator for a Short-Hop Microwave Radio SystemShah, S.R.
1849-1866A Doped Surface Two-Phase CCDKrambeck, R.H.; Walden, R.H.; Pickar, K.A.
1867-1880Almost-Coherent Detection of Phase-Shift-Keyed Signals Using an Injection-Locked OscillatorEisenberg, M.
1881-1911Analysis of a Dual Mode Digital Synchronization System Employing Digital Rate-Locked LoopsChang, R.W.
1913-1917Contributors to this Issue 
1919-1922B.S.T.J. Briefs: Extension of Multidimensional Polynomial Algebra to Domain Circuits With Multiple Propagation VelocitiesAhamed, S.V.
1923-1926B.S.T.J. Briefs: Blooming Suppression in Charge Coupled Area Imaging DevicesSequin, C.H.
1927-1931B.S.T.J. Briefs: Data Transmission Performance in the Presence of Carrier Phase Jitter and Gaussian NoiseHo, E.Y.; Spaulding, D.A.
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