Bell System Technical Journal, v49: i9 November 1970

Table of Contents
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1995-1996Device Photolithography: ForwardBlecher, Franklin H.
1997-2009Device Photolithography: An Overview of the New Mask-Making SystemHowland, F.L.; Poole, K.M.
2011-2029Device Photolithography: Computer Systems for Pattern Generator ControlGross, A.G.; Raamot, J.; Watkins, Mrs. S.B.
2031Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: IntroductionPoole, K.M.
2033-2041Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: Part I - Optical DesignCowan, M.J.; Herriott, D.R.; Johnson, A.M.; Zacharias, A.
2043-2059Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: Part II - Mechanical DesignKossyk, G.J.W.; Laico, J.P.; Rongved, L.; Stafford, J.W.
2061-2067Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: Part III - The Control SystemDowd, P.G.; Cowan, M.J.; Rosenfeld, P.E.; Zacharias, A.
2069-2075Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: Part IV - Alignment and Performance EvaluationJohnson, A.M.; Zacharias, A.
2077-2094Device Photolithography: The Electron Beam Pattern GeneratorSamaroo, W.; Raamot, J.; Parry, P.; Robertson, G.
2095-2104Device Photolithography: Electron-Sensitive MaterialsBroyde, Barret
2105-2116Device Photolithography: Lenses for the Photolithographic SystemHerriott, Donald R.
2117-2128Device Photolithography: Reduction Cameras: Optical Design and AdjustmentRawson, Eric G.
2129-2143Device Photolithography: Reduction Cameras: Mechanical Design of the 3.5Xand 1.4X Reduction CamerasPoulsen, M.E.; Stafford, J.W.
2145-2177Device Photolithography: The Step-and-Repeat CameraAlles, D.S.; Elek, J.W.; Howland, F.L.; Nevis, B.; Nielsen, R.J.; Schlegel, W.A.; Skinner, J.G.; Stout, C.E. Jr.
2179-2192Device Photolithography: Thin Photosensitive MaterialsKerwin, R.E.
2193-2202Device Photolithography: A Computer Controlled Coordinate Measuring MachineAshley, F.R.; Murphy, Miss E.B.; Savard, H.J. Jr.
2203-2220Device Photolithography: The Mask Shop Information SystemBrinsfield, Mrs. J.G.; Pardee, S.
2221-2248Response of Periodically Varying Systems to Shot Noise - Application to Switched RC CircuitsRice, S.O.
2249-2265A New Approach for Evaluating the Error Probability in the Presence of Intersymbol Interference and Additive Gaussian NoiseHo, E.Y.; Yeh, Y.S.
2267-2287Upper Bound on the Efficiency of dc-Constrained CodesChien, Ta-Mu
2289-2302Pull-In Range of a Phase-Locked Loop With a Binary Phase ComparatorOberst, James F.
2303-2310A Fast Method of Generating Digital Random NumbersRader, C.M.; Rabiner, L.R.; Schafer, R.W.
2311-2348Nonorthogonal Optical Waveguides and ResonatorsArnaud, J.A.
2349-2376Optical Resonators With Variable Reflectivity MirrorsZucker, H.
2377-2403Projecting Filters for Recursive Prediction of Discrete-Time ProcessesGersho, Allen; Goodman, David J.
2405-2415Contributors to this Issue 
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