Bell System Technical Journal, v49: i8 October 1970

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1609-1625On the Distribution of NumbersHamming, R.W.
1627-1644A Mathematical Study of a Model of Magnetic Domain InteractionsGraham, R.L.
1645-1663Dielectric Guide with Curved Axis and Truncated Parabolic IndexMarcatili, E.A.J.
1665-1693Radiation Losses of the Dominant Mode in Round Dielectric WaveguidesMarcuse, Dietrich
1695-1703Excitation of the Dominant Mode of a Round Fiber by a Gaussian BeamMarcuse, Dietrich
1705-1712The Capacity of the Gaussian Channel with FeedbackEbert, P.M.
1713-1738New Theorems on the Equations of Nonlinear DC Transistor NetworksWilson, Alan N. Jr.
1739-1776Theorems on the Computation of the Transient Response of Nonlinear Networks Containing Transistors and DiodesSandberg, I.W.
1777-1810Characterization of Second-Harmonic Effects in IMPATT DiodesBrackett, C.A.
1811-1825An Analysis of Adaptive Retransmission Arrays in a Fading EnvironmentYeh, Y.S.
1827-1871Microwave Line-of-Sight Propagation With and Without Frequency DiversityBarnett, W.T.
1873-1892Computed Transmission Through Rain at Microwave and Visible FrequenciesSetzer, David E.
1893-1903A Linear Phase Modulator for Large Baseband BandwidthsRuthroff, C.L.; Bodtmann, W.F.
1905-1909Eventual Stability for Lipschitz Functional Differential SystemsShanholt, Gerald A.
1911-1941Information Theory and Approximation of Bandlimited FunctionsJagerman, David
1943-1972A Satellite System for Avoiding Serial Sun-Transit Outages and EclipsesLundgren, C.W.
1973-1986Adaptive Predictive Coding of Speech SignalsAtal, B.S.; Schroeder, M.R.
1987-1990Contributors to this Issue 
1991-1994B.S.T.J. Briefs: All Terminal Bubbles Programs Yield the Elementary Symmetric PolynomialsKurshan, R.P.
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