Bell System Technical Journal, v44: i9 November 1965

Table of Contents
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1813-1841Experimental 224 Mb/s PCM TerminalsMayo, J.S.
1843-1885An Experimental 224 Mb/s Digital Multiplexer-Demultiplexer Using Pulse Stuffing SynchronizationWitt, F.J.
1887-1940Broadband Codecs for an Experimental 224 Mb/s PCM TerminalEdson, J.O.; Henning, H.H.
1941-1975Some Inequalities in the Theory of Telephone TrafficBenes, V.E.
1977-2001An 80-Megabit 15-Watt Transistor Pulse AmplifierKibler, L.U.
2003-2015A 14-Watt Transistor CW Amplifier with a 50-mc BandwidthKibler, L.U.
2017-2064Light Propagation in Generalized Lens-Like MediaMiller, S.E.
2065-2081Statistical Treatment of Light-Ray Propagation in Beam-WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
2083-2116Properties of Periodic Gas LensesMarcuse, D.
2117-2132Growth of Oscillations of a Ray about the Irregularly Wavy Axis of a Lens Light GuideBerreman, D.W.
2133-2148Some Stability Results Related to Those of V. M. PopovSandberg, I.W.
2149-2163Spectra for a Class of Asynchronous FM WavesAnderson, R.R.; Mazo, J.E.; Salz, J.
2165-2186Probability of Errors for Quadratic DetectorsMazo, J.E.; Salz, J.
2187-2197Optimum Reception of M-ary Gaussian Signals in Gaussian NoiseKadota, T.T.
2199-2202Contributors to this Issue 
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