Bell System Technical Journal, v59: i8 October 1980

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1297-1316Two-Port Analysis of SC Networks With Continuous Input SignalsKurth, C.F.
1317-1332A Study on the Reliability of the Circuit Maintenance System-1BAveyard, R.L.; Man, F.T.
1333-1342Horn-Reflector Antenna - Eliminating Weather-Cover ReflectionsSemplak, R.A.
1343-1356A Minimum-Distance Search Technique and Its Application to Automatic Directory AssistanceAldefeld, B.; Levinson, S.E.; Szymanski, T.G.
1357-1364Steady-State Stability of a Synchronous MachineKarmakar, S.B
1365-1382High-Speed Digital Lightwave Communication Using LEDs and PIN Photodiodes at 1.3 umGloge, D.; Albanese, A.; Burrus, C.A.; Chinnock, E.L.; Copeland, J.A.; Dentai, A.G.; Lee, T.P.; Li, Tingye; Ogawa, K.
1383-1395An Experimental Speech Storage and Editing FacilityMaxemchuk, N.F.
1397-1416Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Busy Line Verification FeatureAtkins, J.; Raschke, K.A.; Woody, D.L.
1417-1426Source Coding for Multiple DescriptionsWolf, J.K.; Wyner, A.D.; Ziv, J.
1427-1462Analysis of Some Overflow Problems with QueuingMorrison, J.A.
1463-1482Some Traffic Overflow Problems with a Large Secondary QueueMorrison, J.A.
1483-1492A Class of Lossless, Reciprocal Anti-Sidetone Networks for Telephone SetsMeans, D.R.
1493-1512Computation of the Frequency Response of a Class of Symmetric N-Way Power DividersSaleh, A.A.M
1513-1524Effects of Scanning Interval on Peak Load MeasurementsConte, R.
1525-1531Contributors to this Issue 
1533-1537Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
1541-1548B.S.T.J. Briefs: Reduction of the 1.38-um Water Peak in Optical Fibers by Deuterium-Hydrogen ExchangeStone, J.; Burrus, C.A.
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