Bell System Technical Journal, v59: i7 September 1980

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1089-1122The Ultimate Capacity of Frequency-Reuse Communication SatellitesAcampora, A.S.
1123-1138Dimensioning Trunk Groups for Digital NetworksElsner, W.B.
1139-1152Saddle-Point Approximation for M-ary Phase-Shift Keying with Adjacent Satellite InterferenceYue, O.
1153-1163A Voice-Controlled, Repertory-Dialer SystemRabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.; Rosenberg, A.E.
1165-1173On Switching Networks and Block Designs, IIChung, F.R.K.
1175-1196An Exact Numerical Solution to Maxwell's Equations for LightguidesPeterson, G.E.; Carnevale, A.; Paek, U.C.; Berreman, D.W.
1197-1225A Polynomial Model for Multipath Fading Channel ResponsesGreenstein, L.J.; Czekaj, B.A.
1227-1240Interframe Television Coding Using Gain and Displacement CompensationStuller, J.A.; Netravali, A.N.; Robbins, J.D.
1241-1255Address Assignment for a Time-Frequency-Coded, Spread-Spectrum SystemEinarsson, G.
1257-1275Frequency-Hopped Multilevel FSK for Mobile RadioGoodman, D.J.; Henry, P.S.; Prabhu, V.K.
1277-1281Contributors to this Issue 
1283-1285Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
1289-1296B.S.T.J. Briefs: Least-Squares Estimator for Frequency-Shift Position Modulation in White NoiseBenes, V.E.
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