Bell System Technical Journal, v51: i7 September 1972

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1445-1469On the Addressing Problem of Loop SwitchingBrandenburg, L.H.; Gopinath, B.; Kurshan, R.P.
1471-1485On the Accuracy of the Depletion Layer Approximation for Charge Coupled DevicesMcKenna, J.; Schryer, N.L.
1487-1494Perceptual Evaluation of the Effects of Dither on Low Bit Rate PCM SystemsRabiner, L.R.; Johnson, J.A.
1495-1516Methods for Designing Differential Quantizers Based on Subjective Evaluations of Edge BusynessCandy, J.C.; Bosworth, R.H.
1517-1534Modeling the Growth of Jumpers on the Main Distributing FrameHalfin, S.; McCallum, C.J. Jr; Segal, M.
1535-1558Multidimensional Polynomial Algebra for Bubble CircuitsAhamed, S.V.
1559-1580Applications of Multidimensional Polynomial Algebra to Bubble CircuitsAhamed, S.V.
1581-1593XYTOLR - A Computer Program for Integrated Circuit Mask Design CheckoutYamin, Michael
1595-1610Derivation of All Figures Formed by the Intersection of Generalized PolygonsYamin, Michael
1611-1629Dynamic Channel Assignment in Two-Dimensional Large-Scale Mobile Radio SystemsCox, D.C.; Reudink, D.O.
1631-1634Contributors to this Issue 
1635-1640B.S.T.J. Briefs: The Buried Channel Charge Coupled DeviceWalden, R.H.; Krambeck, R.H.; Strain, R.J.; McKenna, J.; Schryer, N.L.; Smith, G.E.
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