Bell System Technical Journal, v16: i4 October 1937

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
423-436Resistance Compensated Band-Pass Crystal Filters for Use in Unbalanced CircuitsMason, W.P.
437-455Magnetic Generation of a Group of HarmonicsPeterson, E.; Manley, J.M.; Wrathall, L.R.
456-474The VodasWright, S.B.
475-486Radio Telephone Noise Reduction by Voice Control at ReceiverTaylor, C.C.
487-492Transmitted Frequency Range for Circuits in Broad-Band SystemsAffel, H.A.
493-512The Dielectric Properties of Insulating MaterialsMurphy, E.J.; Morgan, S.O.
513-540Variable Frequency Electric Circuit Theory with Application to the Theory of Frequency-ModulationCarson, John R.; Fry, Thornton C.
541-559Irregularities in Broad-Band Wire Transmission CircuitsMertz, Pierre; Pfleger, K.W.
560-567Technical Digests - Transoceanic Radio Telephone DevelopmentBown, Ralph
568-573Technical Digests - A Negative-Grid Triode Oscillator and Amplifier for Ultra-High FrequenciesSamuel, A.L.
574-577Addendum to Radio Propagation Over Plane Earth - Field Strength CurvesBurrows, Charles R.
578-580Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources 
581-583Contributors to this Issue 
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