Bell System Technical Journal, v49: i6 July-August 1970

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
921-952Picturephone Silicon Target Signal AnalysisBeadle, W.E.; Schorr, A.J.
953-967Image Storage and Display Devices Using Fine-Grain, Ferroelectric CeramicsMeitzler, A.H.; Maldonado, J.R.; Fraser, D.B.
969-986Some Mathematical Properties of a Scheme for Reducing the Bandwidth of Motion Pictures by Hadamard SmearingBerlekamp, E.R.
987-1011Binary Codes Which Are Ideals in the Group Algebra of an Abelian GroupMacWilliams, Mrs. F.J.
1013-1031Delta Modulation Codec for Telephone Transmission and Switching ApplicationsLaane, R.R.; Murphy, B.T.
1033-1057On the Performance of Digital Modulation Systems That Expand BandwidthPrabhu, V.K.
1059-1068Transit-Time Variations in Line-of-Sight Tropospheric Propagation PathsGray, D.A.
1069-1104Joint Optimization of Automatic Equalization and Carrier Acquisition for Digital CommunicationChang, Robert W.
1105-1149A General Approach to Twin-T Design and Its Application to Hybrid Integrated Linear Active NetworksMoschytz, G.S.
1151-1182Thermal and Electrical Properties of Coated Conductive Substrates for Integrated Circuit Chip MountingMattes, H.G.
1183-1194The Field Singularity at the Edge of an Electrode on a Semiconductor SurfaceLewis, J.A.; Wasserstrom, E.
1195-1214Determination of the Shape of the Human Vocal Tract from Acoustical MeasurementsGopinath, B.; Sondhi, M.M.
1215-1233Analysis of a Thin Circular Loop Antenna Over a Homogeneous EarthMoorthy, S.C.
1235-1238Contributors to this Issue 
1239-1242B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Three-Radiometer Path-Diversity ExperimentWilson, R.W.
1242-1245B.S.T.J. Briefs: First Result from 15.3-GHz Earth-Space Propagation StudyPenzias, A.A.
1245-1248B.S.T.J. Briefs: Intersymbol Interference and the P/AR MeterFennick, J.H.
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