Bell System Technical Journal, v49: i3 March 1970

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
321-342Adaptive Delta Modulation with a One-Bit MemoryJayant, N.S.
343-354On an Anomaly in the Mobility of Gaseous IonsWannier, Gregory H.
355-378The Enumeration of Neighbors on Cubic and Hexagonal-Based LatticesWiley, J.D.; Seman, J.A.
379-398An Asymmetric Encoding Scheme for Word StuffingBuchner, M.M. Jr.
399-413Queues Served in Cyclic Order: Waiting TimesCooper, R.B.
415-429On the Capacity of an Ensemble of Channels with Differing ParametersWalvick, E.A.
431-454A Stationary Phase Method for the Computation of the Far Field of Open Cassegrain AntennasIerley, W.H.; Zucker, H.
455-469A Decomposition of a Transfer Function Minimizing Distortion and Inband LossesLueder, Ernst
471-472Contributors to this Issue 
473-475BSTJ Briefs: Electrochemically Controlled Thinning of SiliconWaggener, H.A.
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