Bell System Technical Journal, v45: i9 November 1966

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1373-1438Programming and Control Problems Arising from Optimal Routing in Telephone NetworksBenes, V.E.
1439-1474Random Tropospheric Angle Errors in Microwave Observations of the Early Bird SatelliteUnger, J.H.W.
1475-1492On the Sensitivity of Channel Capacity for the Gaussian Bandlimited ChannelSandberg, I.W
1493-1509Phase VocoderFlanagan, J.L.; Golden, R.M.
1511-1535Theory of Error Rates for Digital FMMazo, J.E.; Salz, J.
1537-1561Noise in an FM System Due to an Imperfect Linear TransducerLiou, M.L.
1563-1581Bounds for Certain Multiprocessing AnomaliesGraham, R.L.
1583-1597Phase and Amplitude Measurements of Coherent Optical WavefrontsRuscio, Joseph T.
1599-1609State of the Art in GaP Electroluminescent JunctionsGershenzon, M.
1611-1638Schottky Barrier Photodiodes with Antireflection CoatingSchneider, M.V.
1639-1662Topology of Thin Film RC CircuitsSinden, F.W.
1663-1665Contributors to This Issue 
1667-1669B.S.T.J. Briefs: Realizability Conditions for the Impedance Function of the Lossless Tapered Transmission LineZador, P.L.
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