Bell System Technical Journal, v54: i10 December 1975

Table of Contents
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1665-1680Quasi-Optical Polarization Diplexing of MicrowavesChu, T.S.; Gans, M.J.; Legg, W.E.
1681-1692Material Structure of Germanium-Doped Optical Fibers and PreformsPresby, H.M.; Standley, R.D.; MacChesney, J.B.; O'Connor, P.B.
1693-1723An Efficient Linear-Prediction VocoderSambur, M.R.
1725-1731On the Theory of Self-Resonant GridsAnderson, I.
1733-1754An Approximate Method for Calculation Delays for a Family of Cyclic-Type QueuesHalfin, S.
1755-1793The Effect of Frame Load and Balance on Dial-Tone Delay in No. 5 CrossbarGuess, H.A.
1795-1796Contributors to this Issue 
S1SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System, Preface 
S3-S5SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: ForewordCrowley, Thomas H.
S9-S25SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Introduction and OverviewBrown, N.H.; Fabisch, M.P.; Rifenberg, C.J.
S29-S37SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: The Data-Processing System Performance Requirements in RetrospectMeseke, D.W.
S41-S61SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Architecture of the Central Logic and ControlOlson, J.W.
S63-S72SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Maintenance and Diagnostic SubsystemHahn, J.R. Jr.; Slojkowski, F.E.
S73-S85SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: The Dictionary Approach to Digital MaintenanceRifenberg, C.J.
S89-S99SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Central Logic and Control Operating SystemHaggerty, J.P.
S101-S109SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Process Design in the Structure of Real-Time Software SystemsDoyle, W.S.; Gibbons, J.R.
S111-S122SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Process-System Testing and the System ExerciserDonohue, B.P. III; McDonald, J.F.
S123-S131SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: System Error ControlGawron, L.J.
S133-S145SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Debugging a Real-Time Multiprocessor SystemPhillips, A.K.
S149-S160SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Support Software and Support Computers: An OverviewConners, R.R.
S161-S172SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: CENTRAN-A Case History in Extendible Language DesignDickman, B.N.
S173-S180SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Systems Programming in PL/1Van Sciver, P.A.
S181-S189SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: SAFEGUARD Data Reduction SystemHoover, E.S.; Jacoby, R.A.
S191-S196SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: A Means to Effective Computer Resource UtilizationKuoni, J.P.
S199-S210SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: An Experiment in Software DevelopmentFreeman, R.D.
S211-S219SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Structured Programming and Program Production LibrariansNichols, B.C.
S223-S229SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Management OverviewDavis, E.J.; Jackson, H.M. II
S231-S236SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Software Change ControlVan Haften, D.
S237-S244SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: A Cost-Plus-Award-Fee Contract for a Large Software Development ProgramMac Williams, W.H.; Petersen, J.E.
S245-S259SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Software Project ManagementMusa, J.D.; Woomer, F.N. Jr.
S263-S269List of Contributors 
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