Bell System Technical Journal, v54: i3 March 1975

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
471-477Preparation of Optical-Fiber Ends for Low-Loss Tape SplicesChinnock, E.L.; Gloge, D.; Bisbee, D.L.; Smith, P.W.
479-484All-Glass Optical-Fiber TapesBisbee, D.L.; Smith, P.W.
485-506Synthesis of Speech From a Dynamic Model of Vocal Cords and Vocal TractFlanagan, J.L.; Ishizaka, K.; Shipley, K.L.
507-529RC Active Filters for the D3 Channel BankFriedenson, R.A.; Daniels, R.W.; Dow, R.J.; McDonald, P.H.
531-544FIR Digital Filter Banks for Speech AnalysisSchafer, R.W.; Rabiner, L.R.; Herrmann, O.
545-568Design and Evaluation of Shifted-Companion-Form Active FiltersTow, J.
569-593Timing Recovery and Scramblers in Data TransmissionGitlin, R.D.; Hayes, J.F.
595-623Analysis and Optimal Design of a Multiserver, Multiqueue System With Finite Waiting Space in Each QueueWhitaker, B.A.
625-661Nonstationary Blocking in Telephone TrafficJagerman, D.L.
663-666Contributors to this Issue 
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