Bell System Technical Journal, v59: i4 April 1980

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
479-500The Application of Mathematical Programming to Loop Feeder AllocationElken, T.R.
501-527SARTS - An Overview of Remote Special-Service Testing in the Bell SystemGiguere, W.J.
529-556The Human Interface to the Switched Access Remote Test SystemPfeufer, F.J.
557-570Spectral Shaping by Simultaneous Amplitude and Frequency ModulationSalz, J.; Werner, J.J.
571-592Recognition of Spoken Spelled Names for Directory Assistance Using Speaker-Independent TemplatesRosenberg, A.E.; Rabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.
593-637A Thermoelastic Analysis of Dislocation Generation in Pulled GaAs CrystalsJordan, A.S.; Caruso, R.; VonNeida, A.R.
639-656The Detection Efficiency of 16-ary QAMPrabhu, V.K.
657-659Contributors to this Issue 
661-667Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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