Bell System Technical Journal, v55: i8 October 1976

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1011-1056Basic Fluid-Dynamic Considerations in the Drawing of Optical FibersGeyling, F.T.
1057-1067An Injection-Molded Plastic Connector for Splicing Optical CablesCherin, A.H.; Rich, P.J.
1069-1085Digital Coding of Speech in Sub-bandsCrochiere, R.E.; Webber, S.A.; Flanagan, J.L.
1087-1109Subjective Evaluation of PCM Coded SpeechGoodman, D.J.; McDermott, B.J.; Nakatani, L.H.
1111-1124Rain-Rate Distributions and Extreme-Value StatisticsLin, S.H.
1125-1182Distinguishing Stable Probability Measures - Part I: Discrete TimeStuck, B.W.
1183-1196Distinguishing Stable Probability Measures - Part II: Continuous TimeStuck, B.W.
1197-1217Alarm Statistics of the Violation Monitor and RemoverFang, G.S.
1219-1220Contributors to this Issue 
1221-1224Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals 
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