Bell System Technical Journal, v44: i10 December 1965

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
2203-2226Measurements of Electromagnetic Back-scattering from Known, Rough SurfacesRenau, Jacques; Collinson, James A.
2227-2243The Effects of Digital Errors on PCM Transmission of Compandored SpeechDostis, I.
2245-2269Computer Solutions of the Traveling Salesman ProblemLin, Shen
2271-2294On Definitions of Congestion in Communication NetworksWolman, Eric
2295-2336100A Protection Switching SystemGriffiths, H.D.; Nedelka, J.
2337-2362Maximally Reliable Exponential Prediction Equations for Data-Rate-Limited Tracking ServomechanismsHelms, H.D.
2363-2392The Joint Optimization of Transmitted Signal and Receiving Filter for Data Transmission SystemsSmith, J.W.
2393-2408Some Effects of Laminar and Turbulent Flow on Breakdown in GasesBugnolo, D.S.
2409-2431Transient Motion of Circular Elastic Plates Subjected to Impulsive and Moving LoadsWeiner, R.S.
2433-2446Computation of Lattice Sums: Generalization of the Ewald Method IIGrant, Walter J.C.
2447-2449Contributors to this Issue 
2451-2455B.S.T.J. Brief: Holographic Image Projection Through Inhomogeneous MediaKogelnik, H.
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