Bell System Technical Journal, v54: i6 July-August 1975

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
971-984A Molded-Plastic Technique for Connecting and Splicing Optical-Fiber Tapes and CablesSmith, P.W.; Bisbee, D.L.; Gloge, D.; Chinnock, E.L.
985-995Coupled-Mode Theory For Anisotropic Optical WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
997-1009Influences of Glass-to-Metal Sealing on the Structure and Magnetic Properties of an Fe/Co/V AlloyPinnel, M.R.; Bennett, J.E.
1011-1026A Multibeam, Spherical-Reflector Satellite Antenna for the 20- and 30-GHz BandsTurrin, R.H.
1027-1049Polarization-Independent, Multilayer Dielectrics at Oblique IncidenceSaleh, A.A.M.
1051-1086A Method for Calculating Rain Attenuation Distributions on Microwave PathsLin, S.H.
1087-1094A Geometric Derivation of Forney's Upper BoundMazo, J.E.
1095-1125Power Spectrum of a Digital, Frequency-Modulation SignalRowe, H.E.; Prabhu, V.K.
1127-1153Analysis of Trunk Groups Containing Short-Holding-Time TrunksForys, L.J.; Messerli, E.J.
1155-1174Entropy Measurements for Nonadaptive and Adaptive, Frame-to-Frame, Linear-Predictive Coding of Video Telephone SignalsHaskell, B.G.
1175-1178Contributors to this Issue 
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