Bell System Technical Journal, v59: i1 January 1980

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-41Two Dimensional Concentration Dependent DiffusionWarner, D.D.; Wilson, C.L.
43-65Copper Conductivity at Millimeter-Wave FrequenciesHinderks, L.W.; Maione, A.
67-79Multiple Commitment of Feeder Capacity in the Loop PlantDattatreya, E.S.
81-98A Discrete-Event Simulation Analysis of Loop Network Assignment OperationsFreedman, H.T.; Harms, T.R.
99-117Critical Section Methods for Loop Plant AllocationGibson, A.E.; Luber, D.B.
119-137A Conversational-Mode Airline Information and Reservation System Using Speech Input and OutputLevinson, S.E.; Shipley, K.L.
139-141Contributors to this Issue 
143-147Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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