Bell System Technical Journal, v58: i10 December 1979

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
2143-2162The Packing Problem for Twisted PairsGilbert, E.N.
2163-2182A General Characterization of Splice Loss for Multimode Optical FibersMettler, S.C.
2183-2187Three-Stage Multiconnection Networks Which Are Nonblocking in the Wide SenseHwang, F.K.
2189-2216An Interactive Terminal for the Design of AdvertisementsCaspers, B.E.; Denes, P.B.
2217-2233Application of Clustering Techniques to Speaker-Trained Isolated Word RecognitionRabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.
2235-2269A Family of Active Switched Capacitor Biquad Building BlocksFleischer, P.E.; Laker, K.R.
2271-2288The BELLPAC Modular Electronic Packaging SystemHarrod, W.L.; Lubowe, A.G.
2289-2299Numerical Integration of Stochastic Differential EquationsHelfand, E.
2301-2316Coefficient Inaccuracy in Transversal FilteringGersho, A.; Gopinath, B.; Odlyzko, A.M.
2317-2320Contributors to this Issue 
2321-2326Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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