Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i8 October 1978

Table of Contents
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2769-2796A Statistical Analysis of Bell System Building Fires, 1971-1977Eckler, A.R.
2797-2822Boundary Integral Solutions of Laplace's EquationBlue, J.L.
2823-2846Failure Mechanisms and Reliability of Low-Noise GaAs FETsIrvin, J.C.; Loya, A.
2847-2863Estimation of Point-to-Point Telephone TrafficMoreland, J.P.
2865-2885Buffering of Slow TerminalsFraser, A.G.; Gopinath, B.; Morrison, J.A.
2887-2900Speaker Verification by Human Listeners over Several Speech Transmission SystemsMcGonegal, C.A.; Rabiner, L.R.; McDermott, B.J.
2901-2914Efficient Utilization of Satellite Transponders via Time-Division Multibeam ScanningAcampora, A.S.; Davis, B.R.
2915-2925On Blocking Probabilities for a Class of Linear GraphsChung, F.R.K.; Hwang, F.K.
2927-2952An Analysis of 16 kb/s Sub-Band Coder Performance: Dynamic Range, Tandem Connections, and Channel ErrorsCrochiere, R.
2953-2955A Mid-Range/Mid-Tread Quantizer Switch for Improved Idle-Channel Performance in Adaptive CodersCrochiere, R.E.
2957-2971Zone-Balanced Networks and Block DesignsChung, F.R.K.
2973-2981The Construction for Symmetrical Zone-Balanced NetworksHwang, F.K.; Liang, T.C.
2983-2999The Reliability of 302A NumericsJordan, A.S.; Peaker, R.H.; Saul, R.H.; Braun, H.J.; Wade, H.H.
3001-3029Intelligible Crosstalk Performance of Voice-Frequency Customer LoopsPark, K.I.
3031-3046On the Stability of Interconnected SystemsSandberg, I.W.
3047-3056A Note Concerning Optical-Waveguide Modulation Transfer FunctionsSandberg, I.W.
3057-3067Some Extensions of the Ordering Techniques for Compression of Two-Level Facsimile PicturesMounts, F.W.; Netravali, A.N.; Walsh, K.A.
3069-3089Free Electron LaserHasegawa, A.
3091-3096Contributors to this Issue 
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