Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i5 May-June 1978

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1231-1255COMSTAR Experiment: An Overview of the Bell Laboratories 19- And 28-GHz COMSTAR Beacon Propagation ExperimentsCox, D.C.
1257-1288COMSTAR Experiment: The Crawford Bill 7-Meter Millimeter Wave AntennaChu, T.S.; Wilson, R.W.; England, R.W.; Gray, D.A.; Legg, W.E.
1289-1329COMSTAR Experiment: The 19- And 28-GHz Receiving Electronics for the Crawford Hill COMSTAR Beacon Propagation ExperimentArnold, H.W.; Cox, D.C.; Hoffman, H.H.; Brandt, R.H.; Leck, R.P.; Wazowicz, M.F.
1331-1339COMSTAR Experiment: The 19-GHz Receiving System for an Interim COMSTAR Beacon Propagation Experiment at Crawford HillArnold, H.W.; Cox, D.C.; Gray, D.A.
1341-1367COMSTAR Experiment: COMSTAR Beacon Receiver Diversity ExperimentDinn, N.F.; Zimmerman, G.A.
1369-1370COMSTAR Experiment: Notes on the COMSTAR Beacon ExperimentMuller, E.E.
1371-1430Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis, and Uncertainty - V: The Discrete CaseSlepian, D.
1431-1448An Earth-Space Propagation Measurement at Crawford Hill Using the 12-GHz CTS Satellite BeaconRustako, A.J. Jr.
1449-1474Fault Modeling and Logic Simulation of CMOS and MOS Integrated CircuitsWadsack, R.L.
1475-1488Fault Coverage in Digital Integrated CircuitsWadsack, R.L.
1489-1498Jitter Comparison of Tones Generated by Squaring and by Fourth-Power CircuitsMazo, J.E.
1499-1532On Predictive Quantizing SchemesNoll, P.
1533-1544An Automatic Bias Control (ABC) Circuit for Injection LasersAlbanese, A.
1545-1568More On Rain Rate Distributions and Extreme Value StatisticsLin, S.H.
1569-1596Nonlinear Analysis of a Photovoltaic Optical Telephone ReceiverKleinman, D.A.; Nelson, D.F.
1597-1618Perceptual and Objective Evaluation of Speech Processed by Adaptive Differential PCMMcDermott, B.; Scagliola, C.; Goodman, D.
1619-1626Evaluation of a Word Recognition System Using Syntax AnalysisLevinson, S.E.; Rosenberg, A.E.; Flanagan, J.L.
1627-1644The Effects of Syntactic Analysis on Word Recognition AccuracyLevinson, S.E.
1645-1652A Combinatorial Lemma and Its Application to Concentrating Trees of Discrete-Time QueuesMorrison, J.A.
1653-1662Pulse Dispersion Properties of Fibers With Various Material ConstituentsCohen, L.G.; DiMarcello, F.V.; Fleming, J.W.; French, W.G.; Simpson, J.R.; Weiszmann, E.
1663-1697Analytical Foundation for Low-Frequency Power-Telephone InterferenceParker, J.C. Jr.
1699-1706Idle Channel Noise Suppression by Relaxation of Binary ADM-Encoded SpeechAhamed, S.V.
1707-1715Contributors to this Issue 
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