Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i3 March 1978

Table of Contents
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479-490A Low-Noise Gallium Arsenide Field Effect Transistor Amplifier for 4-GHz RadioKnerr, R.H.; Swan, C.B.
491-576Theory of Analytic Modulation SystemsLogan, B.F. Jr.
577-594Inductive Post Arrays in Rectangular WaveguideAbele, T.A.
595-602Measurement of Loss Due to Offset, End Separation, and Angular Misalignment in Graded Index Fibers Excited by an Incoherent SourceChu, T.C.; McCormick, A.R.
603-633Design and Experimental Optimization of a Canister Antenna for 18-GHz OperationSiller, C.A. Jr.; Butzien, P.E.; Richard, J.E.
635-651Polarization Effects in Short Length, Single Mode FibersRamaswamy, V.; Standley, R.D.; Sze, D.; French, W.G.
653-668Steady-State Response of a Well-Balanced Wire Pair to Distributed InterferenceBell, W.N.
669-710An Inversion Technique for the Laplace Transform with Application to ApproximationJagerman, D.L.
711-746Observations of Errors and Error Rates on T1 Digital Repeatered LinesBrilliant, M.B.
747-763On the Stability of Higher Order Digital Filters Which Use Saturation ArithmeticMazo, J.E.
765-778Sequentially Companded Modulation for Low-Clock-Rate Speech Codec ApplicationsAhamed, S.V.
779-789Gradient Encoding for Low-Bit-Rate Stored Speech ApplicationsAhamed, S.V.
791-795Contributors to this Issue 
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