Bell System Technical Journal, v55: i9 November 1976

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1225-1293An Optical Apparatus for Very-Small-Angle Light Scattering - Design, Analysis, and PerformanceLastovka, J.B.
1295-1317Exact Theory of TE-Wave-Scattering From Blazed Dielectric GratingsMarcuse, D.
1319-1371Models for the Subjective Effects of Loss, Noise, and Talker Echo on Telephone ConnectionsCavanaugh, J.R.; Hatch, R.W.; Sullivan, J.L.
1373-1388Speech Encryption by Manipulations of LPC ParametersSambur, M.R.; Jayant, N.S.
1389-1410Multiple Tone Parameter Estimation From Discrete-Time ObservationsRife, D.C.; Boorstyn, R.R.
1411-1422On the Rearrangeability of Some Multistage Connecting NetworksHwang, F.K.
1423-1435Optimum Quantizer Design Using a Fixed-Point AlgorithmNetravali, A.N.; Saigal, R.
1437-1439Contributors to this Issue 
1441-1443Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals 
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