Bell System Technical Journal, v49: i7 September 1970

Table of Contents
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1249-1252Lead-Acid Battery: ForewordGarrett, C.G.B.
1253-1278Lead-Acid Battery: Reserve Batteries for Bell System Use: Design of the New CellKoontz, D.E.; Feder, D.O.; Babusci, L.D.; Luer, H.J.
1279-1303Lead-Acid Battery: Positive Grid Design PrinciplesCannone, A.G.; Feder, D.O.; Biagetti, R.V.
1305-1319Lead-Acid Battery: Tetrabasic Lead Sulfate as a Paste Material for Positive PlatesBiagetti, R.V.; Weeks, M.C.
1321-1334Lead-Acid Battery: Float Behavior of the Lead-Acid Battery SystemMilner, Paul C.
1335-1358Lead-Acid Battery: Electrochemical Characterization of the Bell System Battery: Field Trials of the BatteryO'Sullivan, T.D.; Biagetti, R.V.; Weeks, M.C.
1359-1376Lead-Acid Battery: Polyvinyl Chloride Battery Jars and CoversHuseby, T.W.; Ryan, J.T.; Hubbauer, P.
1377-1392Lead-Acid Battery: Electrochemical Compatibility of PlasticsButherus, A.D.; Lindenberger, W.S.; Vaccaro, F.J.
1393-1403Lead-Acid Battery: Jar-Cover SealsDahringer, D.W.; Shroff, J.R.
1405-1417Lead-Acid Battery: Post Seals for the New Bell System BatterySharpe, L.H.; Shroff, J.R.; Vaccaro, F.J.
1419-1446Lead-Acid Battery: Techniques for Bonding the Positive PlatesCushman, R.H.
1447-1470Lead-Acid Battery: Incorporating the New Battery into the Telephone PlantLuer, H.J.
1471-1482Traffic in Connecting Networks When Existing Calls are RearrangedBenes, V.E.
1483-1490The Flat Plate Problem for a SemiconductorLewis, J.A.
1491-1511Some Calculations on Coupling Between Satellite Communications and Terrestrial Radio-Relay Systems Due to Scattering by RainGusler, L.T.; Hogg, D.C.
1513-1530The Number of Fades in Space-Diversity ReceptionVigants, Arvids
1531-1554Optimum Phase Equalization of Filters for Digital SignalsShnidman, David A.
1555-1588A Unified Formulation of Segment Companding Laws and Synthesis of Codecs and Digital CompandorsKaneko, H.
1589-1594Contributors to this Issue 
1595-1602B.S.T.J. Briefs: On The Computation of the Far Field of Open Cassegrain AntennasZucker, H.
1602-1608B.S.T.J. Briefs: Holographic Thin Film CouplersKogelnik, H.; Sosnowski, T.P.
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