Bell System Technical Journal, v49: i5 May-June 1970

Table of Contents
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601-604SF Submarine Cable System - ForewordBrewer, S.T.
605-630SF System: An Overview: Requirements and PerformanceAnderson, Cleo D.; Easton, Robert L.
631-661SF System: Repeater and Equalizer DesignBuus, R.G.; Kassig, J.J.; Yeisley, P.A.
663-681SF System: Manufacture of Submarine Cable Repeaters and Ocean Block EqualizersChapman, Alan T.
683-698SF System: Transistors, Diodes and ComponentsWahl, A.J.; McMahon, W.; Lesh, N.G.; Thompson, W.J.
699-719SF System: Ocean Cable and CouplingsLebert, A.W.; Schaible, G.J.
721-748SF System: Shore Terminal Facilities and Fault LocationLynch, R.L.; Thomas, J.L.; Von Roesgen, C.A.
749-765SF System: Power ConversionCalkin, E.T.; Golioto, I.
767-781SF System: Submarine Cable Route EngineeringAllen, R.C.; Ort, D.H.; Schindel, L.M.
783-798SF System: Transmission Tests, Computations and Equalization During InstallationHirt, W.B.; Oldfather, D.O.
799-826Power-Frequency Characteristics of the TRAPATT Diode Mode of High Efficiency Power Generation in Germanium and Silicon Avalanche DiodesScharfetter, D.L.
827-852An Integral Charge Control Model of Bipolar TransistorsGummel, H.K.; Poon, H.C.
853-877The Potential Due to a Charged Metallic Strip on a Semiconductor SurfaceWasserstrom, E.; McKenna, J.
879-887Television Transmission of Holograms Using a Narrow-Band Video SignalBerrang, J.E.
889-909Burst Distance and Multiple-Burst CorrectionBridwell, J.D.; Wolf, J.K.
911-918Contributors to this Issue 
919Erratum: BSTJ v49n2, page 281 
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