Bell System Technical Journal, v49: i2 February 1970

Table of Contents
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159-184On the Interaction of Roundoff Noise and Dynamic Range in Digital FiltersJackson, Leland B.
185-190An Optimization Method for Cascaded FiltersHalfin, Shlomo
191-195Measured Quantizing Noise Spectrum for Single-Integration Delta-Modulation CodersLaane, R.R.
197-228Use of the Discrete Fourier Transform in the Measurement of Frequencies and Levels of TonesRife, D.C.; Vincent, G.A.
229-254Reed-Contact Switch Series for the I. F. BandPurvis, M.B.; Kordos, R.W.
255-272A Lumped-Circuit Study of Basic Oscillator BehaviorKenyon, N.D.
273-290Radiation Losses of Tapered Dielectric Slab WaveguidesMarcuse, Dietrich
291-307An Efficient Heuristic Procedure for Partitioning GraphsKernighan, B.W.; Lin, S.
309-316Laser Speckle Pattern - A Narrowband Noise ModelBurckhardt, Christoph B.
317-319Contributors to this Issue 
320Erratum: BSTJ v48n10, page 3440 
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