Bell System Technical Journal, v45: i1 January 1966

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-95The TM-1 / TL-2 Short Haul Microwave SystemsFriis, R.W.; Jansen, J.J.; Jensen, R.M.; King, H.T.
97-103Light Transmission in a Multiple Dielectric (Gaseous and Solid) GuideMarcatili, E.A.J.
105-115Ray Propagation in Beam-Waveguides with RedirectorsMarcatili, E.A.J.
117-141Delta Modulation Quantizing Noise Analytical and Computer Simulation Results for Gaussian and Television Input SignalsO'Neal, J.B. Jr.
143-148Phase Principle for Detecting Narrow Band Gaussian SignalsRainal, A.J.
149-175Sequential Decoding - The Computation ProblemSavage, E.J.
177-228A Mathematical Model Of a Vibrating Soil-Foundation SystemWeissmann, G.F.
229-231Contributors To This Issue 
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