Bell System Technical Journal, v42: i6 November 1963

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
2501-2531An Automated 20-20,000-cps Transmission Measuring Set for Laboratory UseHaynie, G.D.; Rosenfeld, P.E.
2533-2550Signal Distortion in Nonlinear Feedback SystemsSandberg, I.W.
2551-2574A Three-Conductor Elementary Clogston Coaxial Transmission Line --- Calculation, Fabrication and ExperimentManley, J.M.
2575-2608Linear Time-Varying Circuits --- Matrix Manipulations, Power Relations, and Some Bounds on StabilityDarlington, Sidney
2609-2620Mode Selection in an Aperture-Limited Concentric Maser InterferometerLi, Tingye
2621-2678Broadband Electro-Optic Traveling-Wave Light ModulatorsDiDomenico, M. Jr.; Anderson, L.K.
2679-2714Systematic Jitter in a Chain of Digital RegeneratorsByrne, C.J.; Karafin, B.J.; Robinson, D.B. Jr.
2715-2739Satellite System Interference Tests at Andover, MaineCurtis, Harold E.
2741-2760The Nature of and System Inferences of Delay Distortion Due to Mode Conversion in Multimode Transmission SystemsMiller, S.E.
2761-2764Model for Relating Coupled Power Equations to Coupled Amplitude EquationsYoung, D.T.
2765-2786Interchannel Interference in FM Systems Produced by Continuous Random Mode Conversion in Circular Electric WaveguideEnloe, L.H.
2787-2793Effect of Differential Loss on Approximate Solutions to the Coupled Line EquationsYoung, D.T.
2795-2837Markov Processes Representing Traffic in Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
2839-2847Spectral Characteristics of Digit-Stimulating Speech SoundsBorenstein, D.P.
2849-2867Reflections from an Exponential AtmosphereBullington, K.
2869-2891The Effects of Time Delay and Echoes on Telephone ConversationsEmling, J.W.; Mitchell, D.
2893-2917Echo Suppressor Design in Telephone CommunicationsBrady, P.T.; Helder, G.K.
2919-2941Subjective Evaluation of Delay and Echo Suppressors in Telephone CommunicationsRiesz, R.R.; Klemmer, E.T.
2943-2960Calculation of the Spin-Axis Orientation of the TELSTAR Satellites from Optical DataHill, D.W.
2961-2966Contributors to this Issue 
2967-2969B.S.T.J. Briefs: On the Spectrum of Optical Waves Propagated through the AtmosphereHogg, D.C.
2970-2971B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Relation Between the Basis Functions of Periodically Varying Nondissipative CircuitsDarlington, Sidney
2972-2974B.S.T.J. Briefs: A 5-Gigacycle Tunnel Diode Oscillator with 9-Milliwatt Output from a Single DiodeSchneider, M.V.
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