Bell System Technical Journal, v42: i5 September 1963

Table of Contents
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1941-1975Phase-Lock Loop Design for Coherent Angle-Error Detection in the Telstar Satellite Tracking SystemNelson, W.L.
1977-1997Estimates of Error Rates for Codes on Burst-Noise ChannelsElliott, E.O.
1999-2012Speech Volumes on Bell System Message Circuits -- 1960 SurveyMc Adoo, Kathryn L.
2013-2032A Self-Steering Array RepeaterCutler, C.C.; Kompfner, R.; Tillotson, L.C.
2033-2046On the Properties of Some Systems that Distort Signals -- ISandberg, I.W.
2047-2080A Radiometer for a Space Communications ReceiverOhm, E.A.; Snell, W.W.
2081-2119The ALPAK System for Nonnumerical Algebra on a Digital Computer --- I: Polynomials in Several Variables and Truncated Power Series with Polynomial CoefficientsBrown, W.S.
2121-2151Discrete Smoothing Filters for Correlated NoiseMusa, J.D.
2153-2168Command Guidance of Telstar Launch VehicleEvens, M.J.; Myers, G.H.; Timko, J.W.
2169-2193Spin Decay, Spin-Precession Damping, and Spin-Axis Drift of the Telstar SatelliteYu, E.Y.
2195-2238A Passive Gravitational Attitude Control System for SatellitesPaul, B.; West, J.W.; Yu, E.Y.
2239-2266Dynamics Analysis of a Two-Body Gravitationally Oriented SatelliteFletcher, H.J.; Rongved, L.; Yu, E.Y.
2267-2283Innage and Outage Intervals in Transmission Systems Composed of LinksRice, S.O.
2285-2296Wide-Angle Radiation Due to Rough Phase FrontsDragone, C.; Hogg, D.C.
2297-2353The TL Radio Relay SystemHathaway, S.D.; Sagaser, D.D.; Word, J.A.
2355-2385Spectral Density and Autocorrelation Functions Associated with Binary Frequency-Shift KeyingBennett, W.R.; Rice, S.O.
2387-2426Binary Data Transmission by FM over a Real ChannelBennett, W.R.; Salz, J.
2427-2483A Functional Analysis Relating Delay Variation and Intersymbol Interference in Data TransmissionLucky, R.W.
2485-2491Contributors to this Issue 
2493-2496B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Self-Reorganizing Synchronization NetworkScattaglia, J.V.
2496-2499B.S.T.J. Briefs: Point-Contact Wafer Diodes for Use in the 90 - to 140- Kilomegacycle Frequency RangeSharpless, W.M.
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