Bell System Technical Journal, v42: i4 July 1963

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739-746The Telstar ExperimentDickieson, A.C.
747-764The Research Background of the Telstar ExperimentCrawford, A.B.; Cutler, C.C.; Kompfner, R.; Tillotson, L.C.
765-799The Telstar Satellite SystemHoth, D.F.; O'Neill, E.F.; Welber, I.
801-830A General Description of the Telstar SpacecraftShennum, R.H.; Haury, P.T.
831-867The Spacecraft Communications RepeaterDavis, C.G.; Hutchison, P.T.; Witt, F.J.; Maunsell, H.I.
869-897The Spacecraft AntennasBangert, J.T.; Engelbrecht, R.S.; Harkless, E.T.; Sperry, R.V.; Walsh, E.J.
899-941The Spacecraft Radiation ExperimentsBrown, W.L.; Buck, T.M.; Medford, L.V.; Thomas, E.W.; Gummel, H.K.; Miller, G.L.; Smits, F.M.
943-972The Spacecraft Power Supply SystemBomberger, D.C.; Feldman, D.; Trucksess, D.E.; Brolin, S.J.; Ussery, P.W.
973-1005The Spacecraft Structure and Thermal Design ConsiderationsHrycak, P.; Koontz, D.E.; Maggs, C.; Stafford, J.W.; Unger, B.A.; Wittenberg, A.M.
1007-1025The Spacecraft Test and Evaluation ProgramDelchamps, T.B.; Jonasson, G.C.; Swift, R.A.
1027-1062Command and Telemetry SystemsChapman, R.C. Jr.; Critchlow, G.F.; Mann, H.
1063-1107The Ground Transmitter and ReceiverGiger, A.J.; Pardee, S. Jr.; Wickliffe, P.R. Jr.
1109-1135The FM Demodulator with Negative FeedbackGiger, A.J.; Chaffee, J.C.
1137-1186The Mechanical Design of the Horn-Reflector Antenna and RadomeDolling, J.C.; Blackmore, R.W.; Kindermann, W.J.; Woodard, K.B.
1187-1211The Electrical Characteristics of the Conical Horn-Reflector AntennaHines, J.N.; Li, Tingye; Turrin, R.H.
1213-1221Antenna Pointing System: Organization and PerformanceGithens, J.A.; Kelly, H.P.; Lozier, J.C.; Lundstrom, A.A.
1223-1252Digital Equipment for the Antenna Pointing SystemGithens, J.A.; Peters, T.R.
1253-1281The Servo System for Antenna PositioningLozier, J.C.; Norton, J.A.; Iwama, M.
1283-1307The Autotrack SystemCook, J.S.; Lowell, R.
1309-1356The Precision TrackerAnders, J.V.; Higgins, E.F. Jr.; Murray, J.L.; Schaefer, F.J. Jr.
1357-1382Orbit Determination and Prediction, and Computer ProgramsClaus, A.J.; Blackman, R.B.; Halline, E.G.; Ridgway, W.C. III
1383-1420Planning, Operation and External Communications of the Andover Earth StationSmith, D.H.; Carlson, C.P.; McCune, R.J.; Elicker, R.E.; Sageman, R.E.
1421-1447Participation of the Holmdel Station in the Telstar ProjectJakes, W.C. Jr.
1449-1473Launching of the Telstar SatelliteUpthegrove, H.N.; D'Albora, J.B. Jr.; Kolding, A.R.; McLeod, B.A.
1475-1504Results of the Telstar Satellite Space ExperimentsHutchison, P.T.; Swift, R.A.
1505-1560Results of the Telstar Radiation ExperimentsBrown, W.L.; Gabbe, J.D.; Rosenzweig, W.
1561-1629Results of the Telstar System Communication TestsHatch, R.W.; Bennett, S.D.; Kinzer, J.P.
1631-1657The Command System Malfunction of the Telstar SatelliteMayo, J.S.; Mann, H.; Witt, F.J.; Peck, D.S.; Gummel, H.K.; Brown, W.L.
1659-1664Components for the Telstar ProjectHittinger, W.C.
1665-1686Component Design, Construction and Evaluation for SatellitesPeck, D.S.; Wooley, M.C.
1687-1702Nickel-Cadmium Cells for the Spacecraft BatteryBomberger, D.C.; Moose, L.F.
1703-1748The Satellite Traveling-Wave TubeBodmer, M.G.; Laico, J.P.; Olsen, E.G.; Ross, A.T.
1749-1763The Design and Construction of the Electronics PackageShennum, R.H.; Reid, E.J.
1765-1816The Solar Cells and Their MountingSmith, K.D.; Gummel, H.K.; Bode, J.D.; Cuttriss, D.B.; Nielsen, R.J.; Rosenzweig, W.
1817-1827The Satellite Ferrimagnetic Power LimiterVarnerin, L.J.; Comstock, R.L.; Dean, W.A.; Kordos, R.W.
1829-1861The Ground Station High-Power Traveling-Wave TubeCollier, R.J.; Helm, G.D.; Laico, J.P.; Striny, K.M.
1863-1886Masers for the Telstar Satellite Communications ExperimentTabor, W.J.; Sibilia, J.T.
1887-19084-gc Parametric Amplifier for Satellite Communication Ground Station ReceiverUenohara, M.; Chruney, M.; Eisele, K.M.; Hanson, D.C.; Stillwell, A.L.
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