Bell System Technical Journal, v34: i1 January 1955

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-4George A. Campbell, 1870 - 1954 
5-103Behavior and Applications of Ferrites in the Microwave RegionFox, A.G.; Miller, S.E.; Weiss, M.T.
105-128The Potentials of Infinite Systems of Sources and Numerical Solutions of Problems in Semiconductor EngineeringUhlir, Arthur Jr.
129-176Experiments on the Interface Between Germanium and an ElectrolyteBrattain, W.H.; Garrett, C.G.B.
177-202Boolean Matrices and the Design of Combinational Relay Switching CircuitsHohn, Franz E.; Schissler, L. Robert
203-220Arcing of Electrical Contacts in Telephone Switching Systems: Part IV - Mechanism of the Initiation of the Short ArcAtalla, M.M.
221-229Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal 
230-233Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal 
234-236Contributors to this Issue 
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