Bell System Technical Journal, v16: i3 July 1937

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
251-274Scientific Research Applied to the Telephone Transmitter and ReceiverColpitts, Edwin H.
275-302The Use of Coaxial and Balanced Transmission Lines in Filters and Wide Band Transformers for High Radio FrequenciesMason, W.P.; Sykes, R.A.
303-318A Ladder Network TheoremRiordan, John
319-336Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXXI - Spinning Atoms and Spinning ElectronsDarrow, Karl K.
337-419A Multiple Unit Steerable Antenna for Short-Wave ReceptionFriis, H.T.; Feldman, C.B.
420-421Abstracts of Technical Papers from Bell System Sources 
422Contributors in this Issue 
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