Bell System Technical Journal, v16: i2 April 1937

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
119-143Recent Trends in Toll Transmission in the United StatesColpitts, Edwin H.
144-164Crosstalk Between Coaxial Transmission LinesSchelkunoff, S.A.; Odarenko, T.M.
165-177Sound Recording on Magnetic TapeHickman, C.N.
178-193Constant Resistance with Applications to Filter GroupsNorton, E.L.
194-211A Laboratory Evaluation of Wood PreservativesWaterman, R.E.; Leutritz, John; Hill, Caleb M.
212-227Study of Magnetic Losses at Low Flux Densities in Permalloy SheetEllwood, W.B.; Legg, V.E.
228-246Moisture in TextilesWalker, Albert C.
247-248Abstracts of Technical Papers from Bell System Sources 
249-250Contributors to this Issue 
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