Bell System Technical Journal, v16: i1 January 1937

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-9A Million-Cycle Telephone SystemStrieby, M.E.
10-34A Power Amplifier for Ultra-High FrequenciesSamuel, A.L.; Sowers, N.E.
35-44The Physical Reality of Zenneck's Surface WaveWise, W. Howard
45-75Radio Propagation Over Plane Earth - Field Strength CurvesBurrows, Charles R.
76-100The Inductive Coordination of Common-Neutral Power Distribution Systems and Telephone CircuitsColeman, J. O'R.; Davis, R.F.
101-109Series for the Wave Function of a Radiating Dipole at the Earth's SurfaceRice, S.O.
110-112Technical Digests - Currents and Potentials along Leaky Ground-Return ConductorsSunde, E.D.
113-115Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources 
116-117Contributors to this Issue 
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