Bell System Technical Journal, v12: i2 April 1933

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
125-161Ultra-Short Wave PropagationSchelleng, J.C.; Burrows, C.R.; Ferrell, E.B.
162-177Mutual Impedance of Grounded Wires for Horizontally Stratified Two-Layer EarthRiordan, John; Sunde, Erling D.
178-196Some Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Gases in MetalsScaff, J.H.; Schumacher, E.E.
197-227Some Results of a Study of Ultra-Short-Wave Transmission PhenomenaEnglund, C.R.; Crawford, A.B.; Mumford, W.W.
228-243New Results in the Calculation of Modulation ProductsBennett, W.R.
244-247Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources 
248-249Contributors to This Issue 
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