Bell System Technical Journal, v6: i1 January 1927

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-17Electromagnetic Theory and the Foundations of Electric Circuit TheoryCarson, John R.
18-26Toll Switchboard No. 3Davidson, J.
27-54The Location of Opens in Toll Telephone CablesEdwards, P.G.; Herrington, H.W.
55-99Contemporary Advances in Physics - XII RadioactivityDarrow, Karl K.
100-116Dynamical Study of the Vowel Sounds, Part IICrandall, Irving B.
117-141Radio Broadcast Coverage of City AreasEspenschied, Lloyd
142-171A Shielded Bridge for Inductive Impedance Measurements at Speech and Carrier FrequenciesShackelton, W.J.
172-180Letters to the Editor 
181-183Abstracts of Recent Technical Papers from Bell System Sources 
184-185Contributors to this Issue 
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