Bell System Technical Journal, v54: i9 November 1975

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1507-1530Excitation of Parabolic-Index Fibers With Incoherent SourcesMarcuse, D.
1531-1546An Analysis of the Effect of Lossy Coatings on the Transmission Energy in a Multimode Optical FiberCherin, A.H.; Murphy, E.J.
1547-1555A Fiber-Optic-Cable ConnectorMiller, C.M.
1557-1581Step-Size Transmitting Differential Coders for Mobile TelephonyJayant, N.S.
1583-1595An Autocorrelation Criterion for the Time-Diversity Reception of Speech Over Burst-Error ChannelsJayant, N.S.
1597-1614A Comparative Study of Various Quantization Schemes for Speech EncodingNoll, P.
1615-1636Effects of Channel Errors on the Signal-to-Noise Performance of Speech-Encoding SystemsNoll, P.
1637-1646A Diffusion Model Approximation for the GI/G/1 Queue in Heavy TrafficHeyman, D.P.
1647-1661Optimal Rearrangeable GraphsChung, F.R.K.
1663-1664Contributors to this Issue 
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