Bell System Technical Journal, v54: i8 October 1975

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1355-1387The Wire-Tap ChannelWyner, A.D.
1389-1430Optimum Direct Detection for Digital Fiber-Optic Communication SystemsFoschini, G.J.; Gitlin, R.D.; Salz, J.
1431-1450Transverse Coupling in Fiber Optics Part IV: CrosstalkArnaud, J.A.
1451-1462Faster-Than-Nyquist SignalingMazo, J.E.
1463-1474Single-Integration, Adaptive Delta ModulationCummiskey, P.
1475-1495A Low-Bit-Rate Interframe Coder for VideotelephoneHaskell, B.G.; Schmidt, R.L.
1497-1502A Novel Implementation of Digital Phase ShiftersCrochiere, R.E.; Rabiner, L.R.; Shively, R.R.
1503-1505Contributors to this Issue 
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