Bell System Technical Journal, v54: i5 May-June 1975

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
811-832Digital Data System: System OverviewSnow, N.E.; Knapp, N. Jr.
833-844Digital Data System: User's View of the NetworkMahoney, J.J. Jr.; Mansell, J.J.; Matlack, R.C.
845-860Digital Data System: Testing and MaintenanceFitch, S.M.; Rechtenbaugh, D.L.
861-878Digital Data System: Network PlanningBrown, P.F.; Phipps, G.W.; Spindel, L.A.
879-892Digital Data System: Network SynchronizationSaltzberg, B.R.; Zydney, H.M.
893-918Digital Data System: Digital MultiplexersBenowitz, P.; Butterfield, S.J.; Cichetti, M.P. Jr.; Cross, T.G.
919-942Digital Data System: Local Distribution SystemBender, E.C.; Kneuer, J.G.; Lawless, W.J.
943-964Digital Data System: Physical DesignIllium, H.C.; Lueft, W.B.; Rice, D.W.
965-969Contributors to this Issue 
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