Bell System Technical Journal, v41: i2 March 1962

Table of Contents
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387-410Resistivity of Bulk Silicon and of Diffused Layers in SiliconIrvin, John C.
411-424A Miniature Tuned Reed Selector of High Sensitivity and StabilityBostwick, L. G.
425-452An X-Ray Diffraction Study of the Structure of Guanidinium Aluminum Sulfate Hexahydrate446 - 447Geller, S.; Katz, H.
453-462Discrimination Against Unwanted Orders in the Fabry-Perot ResonatorKleinman, D.A.; Kisliuk, P.P.
463-501The One-Sided Barrier Problem for Gaussian NoiseSlepian, David
503-558Probability Distribution for the Phase Jitter in Self-Timed Reconstructive Repeaters for PCMAaron, M.R.; Gray, J.R.
559-602Properties and Design of the Phase-Controlled Oscillator with a Sawtooth ComparatorByrne, C.J.
603-633Analysis of the Phase-Controlled Loop with a Sawtooth ComparatorGoldstein, A. Jay
635-662Reliability of Components for Communication SatellitesRoss, I.M.
663-676Automatic Stereoscopic Presentation of Functions of Two VariablesJulesz, Bela; Miller, Joan E.
677-721Maximization of the Fundamental Power in Nonlinear Capacitance DiodesMorrison, J.A.
723-744The Design and Analysis of Pattern Recognition ExperimentsHighleyman, W.H.
745-768Lined WaveguideUnger, H.G.
769-796Some Traffic Characteristics of Communications Networks with Automatic Alternate RoutingWeber, J.H.
797-801Contributors to this Issue 
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