Bell System Technical Journal, v39: i1 January 1960

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-30The Ferreed - A New Switching DeviceFeiner, A.; Lovell, C.A.; Lowry, T.N.; Ridinger, P.G.
31-57A Remote Line Concentrator for a Time-Separation Switching ExperimentJames, D.B.; Johannesen, J.D.
59-86Controller for a Remote Line Concentrator in a Time-Separation Switching ExperimentMalthaner, W.A.; Runyon, J.P.
87-104Electrical Properties of Gold-Doped Diffused Silicon Computer DiodesBakanowski, A.E.; Forster, J.H.
105-126Analysis of Quality Factor of Annular Core InductorsLegg, V.E.
127-160General Stochastic Processes in Traffic Systems with One ServerBenes, V.E.
161-167Round Waveguide with Double LiningUnger, Hans-Georg
169-204Germanium and Silicon Liquidus CurvesThurmond, C.D.; Kowalchik, M.
205-233Solid Solubilities of Impurity Elements in Germanium and SiliconTrumbore, F.A.
235-255Pushbutton Calling with a Two-Group Voice-Frequency CodeSchenker, L.
257-260Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal 
261-264Contributors to This Issue 
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