Bell System Technical Journal, v14: i1 January 1935

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-7Wide Band Transmission Over Balanced CircuitsClark, A.B.
8-43A Survey of Magnetic Materials in Relation to StructureEllis, W.C.; Schumacher, Earle E.
44-84Theory of Multi-Electrode Vacuum TubesPidgeon, H.A.
85-96Limits to AmplificationJohnson, J.B.; Llewellyn, F.B.
97-134Vacuum Tubes as High-Frequency OscillatorsKelly, M.J.; Samuel, A.L.
135-158Horizontal Rhombic AntennasBruce, E.; Beck, A.C.; Lowry, L.R.
159-172Extraneous Frequencies Generated in Air Carrying Intense Sound WavesThuras, A.L.; Jenkins, R.T.; O'Neil, H.T.
173-175Abstracts of Articles from Bell System Sources 
176-178Contributors to this Issue 
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