Bell System Technical Journal, v59: i2 February 1980

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
149-160A Single-Chip VLSI Echo CancelerDuttweiler, D.L.; Chen, Y.S.
161-168Reliable, High-Speed LEDs for Short-Haul Optical Data LinksDawson, L.R.; Keramidas, V.G.; Zipfel, C.L.
169-182Efficient Calculation of Current Flow in Electroplating CellsBlue, James L.
183-228Rain Attenuation on Earth-Satellite Paths - Summary of 10-Year Experiments and StudiesLin, S.H.; Bergmann, H.J.; Pursley, M.V.
229-257Design of Bubble Device Elements Employing Ion-Implanted Propagation PatternsNelson, T.J.; Wolfe, R.; Blank, S.L.; Bonyhard, P.I.; Johnson, W.A.; Roman, B.J.; Vella Coleiro, G.P.
259-263Contributors to this Issue 
265-267Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
269-276B.S.T.J. Briefs: Serial Coding for Cyclic Block CodesAhamed, S.V.
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