Bell System Technical Journal, v58: i9 November 1979

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1909-1998A Gallium-Arsenide Laser Facsimile PrinterMiller, R.C.; Willens, R.H.; Watson, H.A.; D'Asaro, L.A.; Feldman, M.
1999-2011Sequencer Designs for Scanning-Beam SatellitesAranguren, W.L.; Langseth, R.E.; Woodworth, C.B.
2013-2023Some Theoretical Observations on Spread-Spectrum CommunicationsMazo, J.E.
2025-2069Transistor Surface Effects Responsible for Anomalous Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion in Undersea Cable Telephone SystemDuff, D.G.; Olson, H.M.
2071-2087The Effects of Several Transmission Systems on an Automatic Speaker Verification SystemMcGonegal, C.A.; Rosenberg, A.E.; Rabiner, L.R.
2089-2096Periodic Sequences that Facilitate Data Set Spectrum MeasurementsRife, D.C.
2097-2111A Shared Resource TDMA Approach to Increase the Rain Margin of 12/14GHz Satellite SystemsAcampora, A.S.
2113-2128An Ordering Scheme for Facsimile CodingMounts, F.W.; Bowen, E.G.; Netravali, A.N.
2129-2133Contributors to this Issue 
2135-2141Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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