Bell System Technical Journal, v58: i8 October 1979

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1743-1763Unbiased Spectral Estimation and System Identification Using Short-Time Spectral Analysis MethodsAllen, J.B.; Rabiner, L.R.
1765-1777On Concentrators, Superconcentrators, Generalizers, and Nonblocking NetworksChung, F.R.K.
1779-1796Transmission Unavailability of Frequency-Diversity Protected Microwave FM Radio Systems Caused by Multipath FadingVigants, A.; Pursley, M.V.
1797-1823Automatic Recognition of Spoken Spelled Names for Obtaining Directory ListingsRosenberg, A.E.; Schmidt, C.E.
1825-1838A Vacuum-Assisted Plastic Repair Splice for Joining Optical Fiber RibbonsCherin, A.H.; Rich, P.J.; Aloisio, C.J.; Cammons, R.R.
1839-1850Design of a Wideband, Constant Beamwidth, Array Microphone for Use in the Near FieldPirz, F.
1851-1868Fast Simultaneous Thickness Measurements of Gold and Nickel Layers on Copper SubstratesMaldonado, J.R.; Maydan, D.
1869-1884The Nature and Use of Limit Cycles in Determining the Behavior of Certain Semideterminate SystemsAhamed, S.V.
1885-1894A Characterization of the Invariance of Positivity for Functional Differential EquationsSandberg, I.W.
1895-1898Contributors to this Issue 
1899-1908Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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