Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i4 April 1978

Table of Contents
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797-806Loop Plant Modeling: OverviewLong, N.G.
807-823Loop Plant Modeling: A Simple Model for Studying Feeder Capacity ExpansionFriedenfelds, J.
825-848Loop Plant Modeling: Economic Evaluation of Subscriber Pair Gain System ApplicationsKoontz, W.L.G.
849-868Loop Plant Modeling: A Model of Cable Pairs Added at the Main Frames for a Large EntityBell, W.N.; Blum, S.
869-890Loop Plant Modeling: The Feeder Allocation ProcessMarsh, B.L.
891-909Loop Plant Modeling: An Approach to Modeling Operating Costs in the Loop NetworkKoontz, W.L.G.
911-926Loop Plant Modeling: Optimal Operating Policies for Serving Areas Using Connect-Through AdministrationFreedman, H.T.
927-940Loop Plant Modeling: Cost Models for Loop Plant Work Operations Using Semi-Markov ProcessesGibson, A.E.
941-963Loop Plant Modeling: Economic Design of Distribution Cable NetworksStiles, J.A.
965-998Loop Plant Modeling: Statistical Analyses of Costs in Loop Plant OperationsDunn, D.M.; Landwehr, J.M.
999-1024Loop Plant Modeling: The Facility Analysis Plan: New Methodology for Improving Loop Plant OperationsAughenbaugh, G.W.; Stump, H.T.
1025-1034Loop Plant Electronics: OverviewAndrews, F.T. Jr.
1035-1054Loop Plant Electronics: Planning for Loop Electronic SystemsSchatz, J.G.; Schwartz, M.A.
1055-1070Loop Plant Electronics: Maintenance and Administration of Loop ElectronicsMorgen, D.H.
1071-1107Loop Plant Electronics: Voice Frequency Electronics for Loop ApplicationsHawley, G.T.; Stiefel, K.E.
1109-1128Loop Plant Electronics: Analog Loop Carrier SystemsRao, T.N.
1129-1156Loop Plant Electronics: Digital Loop Carrier SystemsManfred, M.T.; Nelson, G.A.; Sharpless, C.H.
1157-1183Loop Plant Electronics: The Loop Switching SystemAvaneas, N.G.; Brown, J.M.
1185-1223Loop Plant Electronics: Physical Design ConsiderationsHenn, R.W.; Williamson, D.H.
1225-1230Contributors to this Issue 
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