Bell System Technical Journal, v57: i1 January 1978

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-33A Study of Network Performance and Customer Behavior During Direct-Distance-Dialing Call Attempts in The U.S.A.Duffy, F.P.; Mercer, R.A.
35-59Physical and Transmission Characteristics of Customer Loop PlantManhire, L.M.
61-73Level Reassignment: A Technique for Bit-Rate ReductionPrasada, B.; Mounts, F.W.; Netravali, A.N.
75-90Fiber-Optic Array Splicing with Etched Silicon ChipsMiller, C.M.
91-97Accurate Silicon Spacer Chips for an Optical-Fiber Cable ConnectorSchroeder, C.M.
99-109On the Phase of the Modulation Transfer Function of a Multimode Optical-Fiber GuideSandberg, I.W.; Kaminow, I.P.; Cohen, L.G.; Mammel, W.L.
111-149Reduction of Network States Under SymmetriesBenes, V.E.
151-169Elastic State of Stress in a Stalpeth Cable Jacket Subjected to Pure BendingBrockway, G.S.; Yanizeski, G.M.
171-178A Generalization of Takagi's Theorem on Optimal Channel GraphsChung, F.R.K.; Hwang, F.K.
179-203Computer-Aided Magnetic Circuit Design for a Bell RingerHunt, R.M.; Nippert, J.W.
205-210The Preparation of Optical Waveguide Preforms by Plasma DepositionJaeger, R.E.; MacChesney, J.B.; Miller, T.J.
211-215Contributors to this Issue 
217-218Errata: BSTJ v56n8, pages 1454 and 1455 
219Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors 
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