Bell System Technical Journal, v55: i7 September 1976

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
831-842Traffic Capacity of a Probability-Engineered Truck GroupHill, D.W.; Neal, S.R.
843-856Analysis of Toll Switching NetworksKrupp, R.S.
857-873Test Facility for a Message-Switching SystemBracker, W.E.; Sears, E.R.
875-903Calculation of Multidisturber Crosstalk Probabilities - Application to Subscriber-Loop GainLapsa, P.M.
905-916Offset and Tilt Loss in Optical Fiber SplicesGloge, D.
917-927Transmission vs Transverse Offset for Parabolic-Profile Fiber Splices With Unequal Core DiametersMiller, C.M.
929-935Laminated Fiber Ribbon for Optical Communication CablesMiller, C.M.
937-955Microbending Losses of Single-Mode, Step-Index and Multimode, Parabolic-Index FibersMarcuse, D.
957-971Comparison of Equalizing and Nonequalizing Repeaters for Optical Fiber SystemsPersonick, S.D.
973-980Derivative Measurements of Light-Current-Voltage Characteristics of (Al,Ga)As Double-Heterostructure LasersDixon, R.W.
981-1001On Kailath's Innovations Conjecture HoldBenes, V.E.
1003-1005Contributors to this Issue 
1007-1010Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals 
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