Bell System Technical Journal, v55: i1 January 1976

Table of Contents
Page(s)Article TitleAuthor(s)
1-36Loss-Noise-Echo Study of the Direct Distance Dialing NetworkSpang, T.C.
37-58The Jitter Performance of Phase-Locked Loops Extracting Timing From Baseband Data WaveformsDuttweiler, D.L.
59-88Some Properties of the Variance of the Switch-Count LoadDescloux, A.
89-108An Algorithmic Procedure for Designing Hybrid FIR/IIR Digital FiltersCampbell, M.R.; Crochiere, R.E.; Rabiner, L.R.
109-126Filter Response of Nonuniform Almost-Periodic StructuresKogelnik, H.
127-128Contributors to this Issue 
129-134B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Simple Method for Estimating Five-Minute Point Rain-Rate Distributions Based on Available Climatological DataChen, W.Y.S.
135-142Dependence of Rain-Rate Distribution on Rain-Gauge Integration TimeLin, S.H.
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