Bell System Technical Journal, v53: i10 December 1974

Table of Contents
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1897-1899L5 Coaxial-Carrier Transmission System, Foreword 
1901-1933L5 System: Overall Description and System DesignKelcourse, F.C.; Herr, F.J.
1935-1985L5 System: Repeatered LineAngell, H.E.; Cho, Y.S.; Kretsch, K.P.; Luniewicz, M.M.
1987-2009L5 System: Line-Power FeedHamilton, B.H.; Mottel, S.
2011-2034L5 System: Line-Protection SwitchingGreen, J.H.; Sanders, R.W.
2035-2064L5 System: Centralized Transmission SurveillanceThomas, J.L.; Anderson, R.E.; Baun, P.J.
2065-2096L5 System: Jumbogroup Multiplex TerminalMaurer, R.E.
2097-2107L5 System: 39A Precision OscillatorFlint, A.F.; Pustarfi, H.S.
2109-2127L5 System: Jumbogroup Frequency SupplyBarry, J.F.; Narayanan, S.; Oberst, J.F.
2129-2145L5 System: Signal Administration and InterconnectionBates, R.K.; Zorn, D.J.
2147-2194L5 System: Physical DesignWirtz, R.J.; Albert, W.G.
2195-2202L5 System: Ultralinear TransistorsD'Altroy, F.A.; Jacobs, R.M.; Nacci, J.M.; Panner, E.J.
2203-2248L5 System: Transmission Networks and Magnetic ComponentsGarrison, J.L.; Olsen, A. Jr.; Simmonds, T.H. Jr.
2249-2267L5 System: Role of Computing and Precision MeasurementsChen, R.M.M.; Hempstead, C.F.; Kuo, Y.L.; Liou, M.L.; Snicer, R.P.; Walsh, E.D.
2269-2276Contributors to this Issue 
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